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Want to pamper yourself?

Our treatments at a glance.

We are dedicated to treating every little flaw.

From removing unwanted hair to dealing with problem skin.

In our venusa beauty salons, our specialists offer a variety of treatments with professional dedication and expertise in the latest technologies.

Permanent hair removal
Kiss goodbye to the chore of shaving and epilating forever - thanks to revolutionary, ultra-powerful One Glide technology. The world’s most effective intense pulsed light (IPL) system is suitable for all skin types and virtually all hair colours. Our new One Glide technology is also suitable for darker skin tones for which no IPL treatment was available before. It guarantees the permanent removal of unwanted hair without damaging heavily pigmented skin.
Fat reduction
Vanquish ME from the USA is the latest and simultaneously most effective body shaping tool on the market. By delivering targeted heat to the relevant problem areas, Vanquish kills fat cells, toning the tissues and enhancing the appearance of your skin. The muscles and other tissues are not affected.
Teeth whitening
A beautiful white smile has a direct effect on successful personal interactions. Boost your self-confidence with dental bleaching by venusa. Our cosmetic procedure will gently whiten your teeth with active oxygen, removing unwanted stains without affecting the substance of your tooth enamel and dentine. This innovative method brightens up your face with a lasting effect.
Lash Lifting
Beautiful eyes are a must for giving you that extra look-good factor in next to no time. Professional eyelash lifting will give your eyes an expressive frame. Our sculpting technique creates that ultimate wow effect. Unlike lash extensions, lash lifting involves permanently curling and fixing your natural upper lashes and then tinting them - without any fake lashes. Your natural lashes will look thicker and more expressive after this treatment.